Statistics for IT– Worldwideasy – 06

Statistics, Nothing in life is guaranteed to you in this part We are in everything we do Opportunities to get successful results from business medicine to weather provides a quantitative description of probability. It provides a bridge between description and conjecture Statistics.

Probabilistic vs Statistical Reasoning

Suppose I know the exact car ratio in California. Then I can find probably the first car I see on the street A Ford. This is probabilistic logic like mine. Know the population and predict the sample. Now suppose I do not know The rate of car production in California, though I would like to evaluate them. I’m watching Random car samples on the road and then There is an estimate of the proportions. This is statistical logic.

What is Probability?

  • We used charts and numerical measurements. Describe the typical sample datasets.
  • We used charts and numerical measurements. Describe the typical sample datasets.
  • An experiment is a process that Gets observations.
  • An event is the result of an investigation, Usually in capital letters.

Statistics – Experiments and Events

  • If two events are reciprocal, when One event happens, the other cannot and vice versa On the other hand.
  • Called an indestructible event A simple event.
  • Indicated by e with a contribution.
  • Every simple event is assigned Probability, measuring the number of times it occurs.
  • A set of all the simple cases of an experiment Called the sample space, s.

The Probability of an Event

  • A set of all the simple cases of an experiment Called the sample space, s.
  • If we let n get infinitely large,

Statistics – Counting Rules

  • There are 216 inclusions in the sample space for throwing 3 dice, the sample space There are 1296 inclusions for throwing 4 dice,
  • At some point, we should stop listing and start thinking.
  • We need some rules of calculation.
  • If the experiment is done in two stages, With m method to complete the first stage and Ways to complete the second stage There are mn ways to accomplish that Should be tried.

Event Relations

The beauty of using events instead of simple ones We can combine events and use other events. Logical operations and, or not. That is the sum of the two events A and B. A or B or both occur when the experiment takes place Was done.

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Statistics for IT– Worldwideasy – 04

Statistics for that. Expansion Summarize data using median trend measurements such as the mean. Mean, mode, and midrange. Describe data using variability measurements such as range, variability, and so on. Identify the location of a data value in a dataset using various measurements, such as percentages, decimals, and quarters in Statistics.

Measures in Statistics

Measures in Central Tendency in Statistics

  • A measure of centripetal tendency is a detailed statistic. Describes the average or average value of a set of points.
  • There are three common measures of central tendency,
    • mean
    • median
    • mode
  • When raw data is organized it helps to display it. The form of a table showing the frequency (e) with each data Item (x) occurs. Such a table is called a frequency table.
  • However, this may be the case when a large range of data is involved. Breaking down data into smaller groups first is beneficial. In which case, the resulting table is called a group Frequency table.

Mean (Arithmetic Mean)

  • The average calculation of mean numbers “middle” Is the value of a set of numbers. Add up all the numbers to calculate it. Then divide how There are many numbers.
  • The arithmetic mean or abbreviated mean of an N group.


Assumes a procedure for finding the mean for group data. That the mean of all raw data values ​​in each class is the same Takes the middle point of the class. In reality, this is not true. The average of the raw data values ​​for each class will not be average. The same as the midpoint. However, using this procedure From some Will give an acceptable approximation of the mean.
Values ​​fall above the midpoint and other values ​​fall below For each class, the midpoint and the midpoint represent Assessing all values ​​in the class.

Ex: Miles Run per Week

The Median

The mean is half of a dataset. Before you can find this out, the data must be arranged in order. Then The dataset is ordered, which is called the data array. Mean Will fall between a certain value or two in the dataset.

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